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When it comes to cell phone plans, you have a lot of choices, and while it's great to have plenty of options, sometimes trying to find the best deal can feel like hunting down a needle in a haystack. That's where we come in. We bring all of the best cell phone deals right to you!

We also understand that not all cell phones plans are created equal. Some people prefer not to be tied down with a cell phone contract, while others don't mind being locked into a plan if it means saving a little money on a phone. Regardless of which type of plan you're looking for, we have a deal that's perfect for you! You'll find no contract cell phones plans, standard cell phone plans, pay-as-you-go plans - you name it, we've got something here for you.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans

Just a few years ago, prepaid plans were limited and often expensive for anyone but the occasional cell phone user. Prepaid plans also got a bit of a bad rap for being the go-to phones for people with bad credit who couldn't get a "real" plan. While it is still true that no credit checks are required for prepaid plans, more and more people are ditching their contracts and opting for no-contract prepaid plans instead - even those who have great credit. The reason is simple - being tied down to a cell phone company for two years (or longer) is a big commitment, and the penalties for cancelling early are steep. Now that prepaid plans come with a variety of different options to suit just about anyone's needs, it's easy to see why so many have opted to go this route.

Members who want great rates on prepaid or no-contract cell phone plans, will find stellar deals at Shop Smart Wireless! Take a look at our Prepaid Phone Plans section for examples of cell phone plans that come with no contracts and no strings attached. We've searched for the best rates with some of the top prepaid wireless carriers around, and laid them all out for you to choose from. So, not only will you find the best deals, you'll find them with some of today's top prepaid companies. Getting cell phone plans no contract has never been easier!

Standard Cell Phone Plans

While prepaid plans certainly do have their advantages, standard cell phone plans carry some pretty hefty advantages of their own. The biggest advantage is the cost savings you'll get on otherwise expensive phones. Signing a contract usually means you can get some of the most popular phones - even smart phones - for free or at least at a hefty discount. This makes standard phone plans pretty attractive to people who want a great phone but can't afford to spend $500 on the newest Android smart phone. Many standard plans these days also allow customers to upgrade their phone periodically - as long as they sign a new contract agreement, of course. This is a tradeoff many are willing to make if it means they get top of the line phones at bargain prices.

The other advantage is that contracts typically go both ways. So, while you're agreeing to pay your bill and not terminate your agreement (which will cost you quite a bit of money), the cell phone company is agreeing to keep your rates the same for the duration of the contract. That means if you find a deal for a standard plan and you sign the contract, that deal is yours for the duration. Of course, once the contract is up, anything goes, so beware of that fact.

If you don't mind signing a contract if it means getting a great phone for a low price, then we've got deals for you, too. Members should check out our Unlimited, T-Mobile, and Verizon deals for some great savings!

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